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best Electric Motorized Kayak

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Motorized & Pedal KAYAK for Fishing & Sports. New Evolution Of VIAIN

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Let Your Water Dynamism More

Powerful & Speedy With TIGATI From VIAIN

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SEA LINE - 9000
Premium Edition is a Multipurpose Sailing Vessel with Extreme Efficient Design.

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Official dealer

Official dealer

Being as a valued dealer of the brand TIGATI you can promote, negotiate, sell and exhibit the premium TIGATI products like RIB Boats, Speed Boats and other sailing accessories, also to provide after sale services within the allowed Geo territory of dealership in return you may enjoy the benefits as a dealer mentioned on the business agreement.

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Fast clearance

Fast clearance

TIGATI always ensures a fast after sale delivery service to the customers across the world Via online, through direct or dealers sales terminal for all the  marine needs like RIB Boats, Speed Boats and other sailing accessories. Meanwhile TIGATI ensures on time delivery with proper packaging and couriering safety standards.

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Warranty service

Warranty service

TIGATI ensures that products are manufactured to the EU standards and international standards as well. The products of TIGATI has a durability of more than 10 years and we also ensures a 3 year warranty for all our products. And also customers can get their warranty services from TIGATI’s local dealers nearby around the globe.

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TIGATI`s Latest smart Innovative Designs of Motorized Kayaks , RIB Boats and Speed Boats are being
listed here with their own unique Features and specifications.

Streamline Hydrodynamic designs

Stream-line Hydrodynamic Friendly Designed Motorized Kayaks will make your next Sail Speeder, Safer and More Efficient than ever.

The Main Design Concept of TIGATI Motorized Kayaks Are to Fulfill the needs of a professional or a hobby based sailor with the optimized comfort sailing experience. Optimized TIGATI Motorized kayaks are designed with the amble space optimization and Single point Sail control panel with foot operated rudders.

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TIGATI's motorized Kayaks are designed with premium quality materials selected after a numerous number of quality checks by our own engineers to withstand the need of quality assurance certification. The main another extraordinary feature of this TIGATI motorized KAYAK is that it is well optimized to the streamed line design that is hydro dynamically TIGATI Kayak's hull is designed to lesser the friction with a water and increase its efficiency in sailing faster.

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TIGATI has a wide range of deployment network for its own products delivery which is nowadays active in many regions and territories around the world. By means of an enthusiastic team of sales persons and dealers TIGATI made it success. Not only the deployment network is constructed for a one way sales service but also in reverse the same network serves the existing consumers with the extra needs and services like warranty and maintenance on demand.

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TIGATI's previously built deployment network is always ready to serve our valued customers on their sales and service points all over the world and in real time it has been made to success with a dedicated sales and dealer team.

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Special Edition

The top selling TIGATI’s two premium sea craft versions are exhibited below.

The next generation sailor's choice

TIGATI Sea Line - 9000
Premium Edition is a Multipurpose
Sailing Vessel with Extreme Efficient design.



No matter how the design looks the power is already optimized to mount a kill power 150HP engines and it will always continue to lead any race in aqua marine sports and will definitely assist you to catch the cup.

The Fish Hunter

The Fish Hunter

The TIGATI SEA LINE – 9000 premium model is also being on the dream list of sailors who loves to do fishing. Also the design itself is mostly compatible with standard fishing accessories.

The length as a Limo

The length as a Limo

This TIGATI SEA LINE – 9000 vessel is 19 ft in length with ambled space optimization and seating capacity for a spacious family ride while providing you a comfort home environment inside the vessel itself.

Hydro Dynamic Design

Hydro Dynamic Design

TIGATI SEA LINE – 9000 is designed by TIGATI’s best Hydrodynamic engineers who made it as a well optimize streamlined Vessel which can tear and ride through the sea with higher energy efficiency.

TIGATI Gallery

Special Offers

Currently an unimaginable offer is being given for the multipurpose SEA LINE – 9000 Smart Boat and the details of the offer can be obtained from your local dealers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Motorized Kayaks
    RIB Boats
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    Marine Accessories
    Yes of course, mostly TIGATI vessels are capable enough to support any leading brands accessories provided that it is manufactured as per the standard specifications and norms which are internationally requested and being practiced.
    Definitely, as per consumer's feedback TIGATI's products are having more durability than any of their previous user experience with other`s products and from TIGATI's end TIGATI engineers always reinforce that any product bare the name TIGATI whether from its own manufacturing plants or the joint ventures plant, for the standard of quality. So that with no further question you blindly trust TIGATI for its product's quality.
    Mostly TIGATI engineers manufacture their own parts on their manufacturing plants but in special cases they used to collaborate with some other market leaders for the production of specific products for optimizing the quality. The recent example is the sign up of agreement with TIGATI and PARSUN EFI Outboard engines developers can be considered.
    There are lot of ways and means to acquire a premium TIGATI product on your own. You can roam around our official website TIGATI.com and select your desired product and easily order online from anywhere of the world which is an easy task with a couple of clicks but if you prefer a on site visit to our store you can also consider this choice for a purchase as we have many sales outlets around the world which is from TIGATI's own and in along with the dealers showroom spaces. Moreover after sale services and spare part orders can also be get done from the local dealer or sales outlet points.

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