Sea Line – 9000

  • YearYear: 2020
  • MileageMileage: 0
  • Power/FuelPower/Fuel: Petrol
  • EngineEngine: Out Boat
  • HorsepowerHorsepower: MAX 150hp
  • SteeringSteering: Yes
  • SpeedSpeed: MAX 40knot / 75kmph
  • DrivetrainDrivetrain: FWD & REVERSE
  • Seating CapacitySeating Capacity: 6 - 7
  • ColorColor: white
  • ConditionCondition: Brand New
  • Stock StatusStock Status: In stock
  • Price TypePrice Type: Fixed
  • WarrantyWarranty: Yes

TIGATI SEA LINE – 9000 is one of the most demanded TIGATI’s smart sailing vessel. This SEA LINE – 9000 model is optimized to fulfill the multiple task on sail. It can be used as a recreational sailing vessel or an optimized smart fishing boat and also it can be used for sporting purposes, but in all the above mentioned aspects it will continue to function with its own unique optimized features. This all in one purpose TIGATI’s SEA LINE – 9000 smart vessel is 19Ft in length which is half the size of a badminton court, with all added features for a luxury family trip or a sailing experience. Though it is designed to a bigger length you don’t have to worry about the functional speed of this smart SEA LINE -9000 vessel as it can support up to a 150HP engine which will definitely give u a ultra speed sailing experience moreover in any of the marine or aquatic races the precious owner of this TIGATI SEA LINE -9000 can participate with ample confident and win the crown.

Moreover this SEA LINE – 9000 can function as a best fishing companion. For fishing purposes the balance of momentum maintained inside the vessel will help the users to stand stable even in high tide zones and also it is designed to support the standard size fishing accessories which you already own or manufactured by other companies.

The deck and the hull of this TIGATI SEA LINE – 9000 smart 19Ft boat is manufactured with premium quality fiber glass material which is light in weight and stronger. TIGATI’s engineers processed it well for added strength and bearing capacity to withstand its own load (dead load) and the live load (the dynamic weight of person and goods loaded inside).

An ample space storage compartment with a safety lid with hinge and safety lock is designed on the front deck of this smart SEA LINE – 9000 which can be used to carry your valuables inside safely. And also a U shape bow style seats are also designed next to the deck and that seat itself is not only a seat but also a hidden 3 pieces storage compartment is also their underneath.

The best another part of this premium TIGATI SEA LINE – 9000 model smart boat is the stream line aerodynamically designed cockpit which will help the boat to penetrate easily against the atmospheric friction and this cockpit itself is designed with processed fiber glass which is usually stronger in nature. And inside the cockpit a sexy dashboard panel with preciously calibrated speedometer and a fuel balance indicator in along with 6 button control switch board is attached for an easy hassle free sail.

And another special feature hidden in this TIGATI SEA LINE – 9000 smart boat is the windshield, actually this windshield itself has a special feature that is that shield panel in the centre median of this windshield can be opened by using a door like design, where a hinge is used to perform the door function and eventually it will make a room to walk from the back end to the front end directly.

As an added accessory an elegant super luxury comfortable soft white seats are also attached to this TIGATI SEA LINE – 9000 premium vessel to make your sail more comfortable than ever and another L shaped seat is also designed to be mounted on the rear side of this vessel in along with a hidden 2 pieces of storage compartment beneath it.

The Main another feature of this premium TIGATI SEA LINE – 9000 smart boat is the added premium quality stainless steel material Ladder which can with stand to saline aqua environment without corrosion and with a longer lifespan. And another feature is the wake board deck storage for added in this vessel for the benefit of marine adventure lovers. In addition a 90L capacity inbuilt fuel tank is mounted for a fear less longer sail so that you can travel longer to explore more on this aqua nature.

Moreover TIGATI always say no for compromise in terms of quality for any reason and here in this exclusive premium SEA LINE – 9000 smart boat also TIGATI reinforced the quality assurance from the design feasibility stage to the final production line up to the safer package and delivery of the whole manufacturing process line. The Quality standard was confirmed through many numerous amount of survival test. TIGATI Products Including this SEA Line – 9000 Model are manufactured up to the CE standard and which is also in compatible with most of the international quality standard requirements.

Further Details of specification about this product are listed on this web page itself for your ease of understanding.

This TIGATI SEA LINE - 9000 multipurpose super boat is designed on streamline aqua dynamic and aerodynamic structure to spend the energy efficiently to provide more speed and mileage to the journey and the boat as recommended by the professional aerodynamic engineers from the team of TIGATI.
This TIGATI SEA LINE - 9000 motor boat is also designed to fulfill the sport needs in along with traditional boats scope of usage, the well optimized 150hp outboard engines can be connected to the to this boat for the optimum performance and the perfect balanced architecture will help you to run any race on first with safe.
The length of this TIGATI SEA LINE - 9000 model boat is 19ft in length and this is almost a length of Limo and you can have a spacious domestic environment inside the sea even though this TIGATI SEA LINE - 9000 boat is king size in length and in performance vice it is already optimized.
This TIGATI SEA LINE - 9000 boat is designed and manufactured with many hidden storage components to serve you a better solution to safeguard your valuable thinks inside the vessel itself. 2 separate storage containers are located in the cockpit and other 2 are located underneath of cushion seat.
The TIGATI SEA LINE - 9000 model super boat is designed with a special wind shield with doors in the middle and people can walk from both the front and rear end to each other which will psychologically make you to feel a spacious environment.
  • Optimized Fishing Accessories
  • Fiberglass Cockpit
  • Stainless Steel Ladder
  • Rubber Fender
  • Walk through Wind Shield
  • Supports 150hp Engine
  • Stainless Steel Surround Guards
  • Hidden storage
  • All In One Control
  • 90L Fuel Tank
  • BILGE Pump
  • Racing Design
  • Hydro Dynamical Design

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