About us

About us

TIGATI The Next Generation Sailors choice

TIGATI the Most emerging brand name for Premium Sailing Vessel engine and marine accessory solutions providing brand of the decade. With the amble Quality assurance, Technical Strength and a Back support from the Europe’s Markets leading Car Accessory Provider Named VIAIN and along with Strong Joint venture with Trusted Quality out motor engine manufactures like PARSUN, TIGATI continue to serve its very own customers with premium quality sailing solutions.

Yours trusted TIGATI Sailing Products Undergo Several Survival test and Quality assurance checks on and after the process of manufacture and before packing to ensure the quality and most recurring customers are aware that as The Parent Company VIAIN or TIGATI will never ever compromise to the factor of quality.

As of now VIAIN`s Powered TIGATI Sailing Brands Concentrate in manufacturing Premium quality exclusive innovatively designed Motorized Kayaks, RIB boats, Speed Boats and Next Generation Outboard Engine with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) design in along with electronic control module.

Also TIGATI Signup a Design and manufacturing Joint venture with another global leading EFI marine outboard engine developer PARSUN to manufacture a premium quality exclusive TIGATI Brand EFI Outboard engine with added quality standard and Features on demand by TIGATI. Also Technically advanced TIGATI Engineers Collaborate with PARSUN`s Out Board Engine Manufacturing Process from the Preliminary Design Phase up to a safe Packing for Delivery Phase to ensure each and every units of TIGATI Brand PARSUN`s Outboard EFI engines has a Higher Quality Standard.

As far as worldwide PARSUN users Statement of feedback their EFI Outboard engines have 99% work time and it has not been recorded that it ever malfunctioned in the middle of sail even in any hard weather and the materials used were standardized for anti-corrosion nature even in saline water of PH value more than 8.5.

TIGATI Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QAQC) Engineers Always ensures that whatever the product comes out from its own or join ventured production house with the Well Esteemed Brand Name TIGATI has the optimum Quality Standards to Ensure a Trust on quality with the products supplied to the customers and Returning and after sale recommended customers are the amble axiom evidence of the user satisfaction which is also another bigger aim of Both TIGATI and VIAIN.