Why To Choose VIAIN’s Product?

VIAIN is the leading car and sailing accessory providers in the market. VIAIN has an ambled  experience in design and manufacturing premium quality as for said accessories and equipments with their own factory and with the partnership of other leading premium quality manufacturers around the globe. however, no matter the product is from VIAIN’s factory or from the partners plants VIAIN always ensures the quality standard of that product provided that the product bare the name VIAIN, as you may have already aware that VIAIN is a premium brand with its very own brand value for the trust of quality and standard. Mostly VIAIN always make sure all of its branded products satisfy the Australian, European and other international quality standards.

VIAIN’s Joint Venture With PARSUN

PARSUN manufactures the premium quality EFI and kerosene engines around the world which is very famous in US and Japan also they captured a big market mainly in these countries already and having dealers operating in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. PARSUN belongs to internationally well esteemed Eastern Precision Corp. and stand with the quality verification standards of CE and EPA for all of its products. Finally now VIAIN and PARSUN are in a collaborative joint venture to produce the EFI outboards motors, as to integrate with VIAIN’s premium quality sailing equipments.

Experts says that Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems are the most efficient  fuel injection system  in the world market. Nowadays most of the current generation engines and vehicles are being manufactured with a dedicated electronic control unit and fuel injection system to deliver a high pressure fuel to the combustion cylinder.

Also PARSUN outboards engines are globally recognized and trusted brands for the continuous operation and has been proved by the user experience and quality assurance test PARSUN outboard engines has never faced operational malfunction on the middle of a sail provided that it has been maintained as per the instructions. The special alloy materials used in PARSUN ensures higher durability and a corrosion free nature for itself even in saline aqua environment. Mostly their engines are highly recommended for the rescue, commercial recreational and even for military purposes and its has a wide range of 2HP to a maximum of 90HP super power outboards.

Now by collaborating for a joint venture with PARSUN, VIAIN ensures its continuous interest in serving and providing VIAIN’s own customers with a product of premium Quality standard. In collaboration with VIAIN, PARSUN will produce 4 stroke outboard EFI Engines with added on demand quality and facility standards to serve VIAIN’s customers.