• 40lbs Thrust Motor 
  • Maximum Speed : 4.3 To 6.5 knot 
  • Additional Standing Support
  • Permanent Rod Holder
  • Foot Rudder Control
  • Foot Steering
  • Foldable Stabilizers
  • Storage With Lids
  • Secured Battery Cabin
  • Supports Kayak Carriers


  • Dimensions – L 3.3m x W 0.85m x D 0.50m
  • Weight – 59kg
  • Max load capacity – 150kg
  • Speed: 4.3-6.5 knots with motor
  • Propeller Type : Dual Blade
  • Propeller Size : 9inch diameter
  • Driving Type: 5 Forward/3 Reverse Control
  • Steering   : Rudder control
  • Waterproofing grade Boat: IP67, Motor: IP65
  • Motor :  Brush Motor
  • Battery type: 1 X105AH Deep Cycle Battery


  • Rated voltage – DC 12V
  • Power rated – 432 – 480 W
  • Thrust (lb/kg) – 40 lbs. / 17.9 kg
  • AMP rated – 36 – 40 A
  • Propeller type – 2 blades
  • Propeller size – 9 inches (D)
  • Decibel level – 50 DB
  • Propeller speed (under water) – 1400 rpm (max)


  • 1 x electric motor
  • 1 x fish finder holder
  • 1 x live well tank
  • 1 x kayak trolley
  • 1 x life jacket
  • 1 x mounting plate
  • 1 x Swivel fishing rod holder for rails
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Being as a personal with a habit of serious fishing, on this great day you luckily currently landed here in the correct place, as you may already aware VIAIN The leading Car accessory and Boating solution providers in the market are now happy to Introduce you the Next Generation Motorized Fishing Kayak with all amended extra facilities form its own Premium Brand of TIGATI.

The TIGATI Brand Motorized Kayak from VIAIN is being designed by the engineers of vain to provide the optimum of fishing experience, as you may aware fishing is the mostly loved hobby across the globe but as far as the safety is concern it also threads the life of the personals involved in fishing which occurs with regard to the malfunction of the vessel or by due to a bad weather

TIGATI Motorized Kayak from VIAIN Eliminates most of the malfunction factors of the vessel and as well as it optimize the Sail with extra features and a hassle free Sailing experience to the Sailor with comparatively zero hard manual sailing when compared to the other kayaks in the market.

To be honest saying, Sailing experience is a heaven only if its sailed on a smooth plain water without a strong wind or tidal waves but actually it’s an old story, yes VIAIN`s TIGATI Motorized kayaks are designed with a Retractable Stabilizer wings which can be opened on demand to provide extra balance to bare a heavy wind or tidal waves definitely with next generation VIAIN`s TIGATI Motorized kayaks will provided you a safe and smooth Travelling experience.

Prolonged travel on a sitting position will definitely not be a comfort experience but if you stand up in a kayak definitely it may make an imbalance of the whole vessel, but Innovatively designed VIAIN`s TIGATI Motorized kayaks are capable enough to provide a balance and an attached stand-up support can help you to achieve a safe balance on sail. 

An attached powerful brush motor on VIAIN`s TIGATI Motorized kayaks are capable enough to give a continuous 3 hours traveling with a provided battery backup and in case the power is fully consumed you may continue to sail with the rods.

The one another additional facility added on this design is the Foot control rudder which can given easy sailing experience from the seat itself. And another extra feature is the closed storage container which helps to safely transport the goods and the catches.  

TIGATI X-Press motorized Kayaks are developed to withstand the hydrodynamic engineers recommendations. The streamline fish shape body of this TIGATI X-Press motorized Kayak is making less friction with submerged water surface and optimize the speed, as streamline design efficiently enhance the kinetic energy generated by motor or fins.
TIGATI X-Press model motorized Kayak is innovatively designed with a retractable/foldable stabilizer wings to use for added balance of the vessel on vigorous weather changes or for additional balance needed when the sailor is on standing position. On retracted wing mode this TIGATI X-Press motorized Kayak will be slim in size to perform in optimum speed and to travel on narrow water canals.
This premium TIGATI X-Press model motorized Kayak is designed and manufactured with hidden compartments used for storing purposes and accessory installation purposes. On the front deck an inbuilt compartment is allocated for storing the catches in the meantime similarly to others are in retractable wings and on the rear side battery compartments are designed similarly with safer lids.
TIGATI X-Press motorized Kayak is functionally optimized with 8 modes of speed and 5 on forward sail and 3 on backward sail in the meantime rudder control steering is used to change the direction and the special feature is all in one sailing control is centralized on the sailor seat which eventually ease the sailors sailing procedure and made this boat as next gen sailor's choice.
The attached electric motor to this premium TIGATI X-Press model Kayak is just a 12V 40AMP motor but the performance is optimized and by it means, it is able to generate a thrust of 40LBS per 17.9Kg and the attached propeller is 9 inches in diameter and has optimized blades and possible to perform with an efficient performance of maximum 1400RPM even under water medium.


  • Foldable Balanced stabilizer
  • Rudder control
  • Forward and reverse sail
  • Foot steering
  • Fishing rod holder
  • Standing support
  • Light weight
  • 40lbs Thrust Motor 
  • Maximum Speed : 4.3 To 6.5 knot 
  • Storage With Lids
  • Hidden storage
  • Support angular fish trolling
  • Enclosed battery cabin
  • Mounted rod holders
  • Unfolding body
  • Durable brush Motor


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