Sea Line – 5000

  • YearYear: 2020
  • MileageMileage: 0
  • Power/FuelPower/Fuel: Petrol
  • EngineEngine: Out Boat
  • HorsepowerHorsepower: MAX 90hp
  • SteeringSteering: Yes
  • SpeedSpeed: MAX 40knot / 75kmph
  • DrivetrainDrivetrain: FWD & REVERSE
  • Seating CapacitySeating Capacity: 5
  • ColorColor: white
  • ConditionCondition: Brand New
  • Stock StatusStock Status: In stock
  • Price TypePrice Type: Fixed
  • WarrantyWarranty: Yes

TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 is one of the top selling most demanded super power vessel from the TIGATI manufacturing unit. This TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 model is one of the all in one sailing solution provider in the market. This vessel is optimized to do many functions dynamically and fulfill the next generation sailor’s expectation. The boat itself can be a good companion for fishing purposes and sporting purposes and even can be utilized for a family boating experience as this boat has 5 seating capacity.

This TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 superpower boat itself is 4.67m (15.3ft) in length and the hull valley is designed to a depth of 65cm and the height of this boat is 2.1m with Bimini top and without Bimini it has 1.1m of height. And for a perfect balance and stability this boat itself is designed with a 19degree angle of Dead rise.

This TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 premium model is designed for mounting outboard type engine and this TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 can support even 90hp engine for the optimum efficient performance. The hydro dynamical friendly design of this boat makes the energy efficiency in multiples from the Dead rise angle of 19degree itself the boat is designed to a streamline shape architecture and this design helps TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 to optimize the kinetic energy produced by the mounted outboard engine and perform with maximum efficiency. In terms of efficiency if we compare same another 90hp powered boat with our TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 vessels definitely TIGATI will be on the frontline with a considerable lead range and it has been confirmed by similar random experiments by TIGATI Engineers.

This TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 premium design boat is manufactured with higher quality imported fiberglass materials for the hull and other deck structures and fiberglass is one of the most strongest sailing vessel manufacturing material and it has considerably less weight in along with high floating capacity. And also this TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 boat is reinforced with stainless steel hardware whole over the boat and also the most light weight stronger carbon fiber material is used to build the dashboard in along with navigation lights embedded on this TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 you can enjoy your night travels also on a safer manner.

In terms of comfort none of other similar boats can provide the comfort travelling experience than the TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 provides. The boat itself is furnished with 5 European leather sofa seats and one set of bow sofa cushion which will give you a comfortable sitting experience for even a long duration of journey. Also this TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 boat is designed and furnished with minor necessary accessories like cup holders and other mounting units. And this boat is furnished with 2 set of EVA anti-skid pads at the tail for a perfect grip on the floor to sustain the live loads on boat even in the optimum speed as this added EVA anti-skid pads are non slipping materials in nature.

Also this TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 sporty boat is manufactured with 4 pieces of 6inch stainless steel cleat which will help for easy hand grip around the boat and as well as can be used to tie with the jetty. And this boat is also designed with full fender which is made up of stainless steel material so that it can safeguard the boats from exterior damages moreover this boat has 3 lockers in 3 different locations of the boat for the safer logistic transfer. One of the locker is designed under the cushion of the bow seat and one another is under the hood in a hidden way and the other is the fish pond style deck locker. The one another safety feature in this boat is the attached automatic BILGE pump which is used to suck and remove the water collected inside the boat and the special feature of this BILGE pump attached is, the spark free motor there in it as it is recommended for the safety standards. You may ask why it should be spark free and the reason is water collected inside may have residue of any fuel spills inside the boat and naturally fossil fuel and water will not get mixed together so that there is a possibility of causing a flame by means of sparks, to avoid that scenario automatic BILGE pumps are attached in this TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 boats. By considering all these safety standards, production and material selection qualities TIGATI products usually pass all the international quality standards imposed by the relevant professional bodies all over the world. And TIGATI has been certified with the most tough EU international quality standard and it is also compatible with Australian and US standards.

Also this TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 boats are furnished with processed higher strength PVC wearing resistance teak floor so that it looks luxury in nature and have more durability even in wet environment also with it will provide a royal finishing look to your valuable boat. And a corrosion free sky pole made with stainless steel metal is also added in this vessel for the longer durability.

Also 2 pieces of corrosion free stainless steel skiing fork bracket are both left hand side and right hand side of the TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 boat to optimize the sporty nature of this product. In addition 12v 54amp battery is provided for this extreme super power boat to fulfill the basic electric needs. Moreover a 70l capacity fuel tank is also provided in this boat for longer continuous sailing adventure experience. The main another safety feature ensured in this sporty TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 boat is concentrated on the design of fuel tank. The fuel tank of this TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 boat is designed in anti-static nature. Static electricity is the charge usually collected in the surfaces of insulator materials with the capability of forming mini sparks and those sparks may lead to flame formation over the fuel line. Moreover additionally this 70l anti static-fuel tank includes a package of stainless oil filter, oil tube, oil gauge and the oil level detector.

Also a corrosion free stainless steel framed speaker with light is mounted on the ceiling and a multifunction mp3 player with radio frequency receiver and a USB support in along with 2 waterproof speakers are provided to enhance your recreational purposes with your beloved friends or family.

In addition this TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 has mechanical steering system to apply on Yamaha, Mercury, Honda and other similar international brands. Moreover the 3 step foldable and retractable stainless steel boat ladder is also provided to facilitate this boat. In along with that a 20m length rope and a 3kg weight anchor is also provided for the safer anchoring needs and the specialty of this anchor provided is the material used i.e. this anchor is made up of processed carbon steel which has longer lifespan even in prolonged exposure inside saline water are the features.

Optional equipments provided with this TIGATI SEA LINE – 5000 super boats can be found on specification details and this boat can be purchased on official website or TIGATI stores and dealer’s sales terminals around the world.

TIGATI SEA LINE - 5000 is one of the best designed hydro dynamically efficient boat architecture model with a similar streamline structure of a fish to tear and run faster on aqua marine environment even under a strong air flow on opposite direction with higher energy efficiency.
This TIGATI SEA LINE - 5000 supermodel sports and multifunction sea craft is designed with extreme safety standards specially the fuel tank is designed as an electrostatic free model to avoid the tiny sparks which may cause fire and also a spark free automatic BILGE pump is attached here with.
The premium super power sporty SEA LINE - 5000 version of TIGATI is designed and manufactured with hidden storage compartments for storing purposes specially 2 lockers are available here and one in top hood and another one under the bow seat cushion to safely save your valuables.
This TIGATI SEA LINE - 5000 boat is designed with a centralized control system at one point to make the sail easier from one place. The motor control and the rudder control can be controlled from one point of sail easily and moreover it will support many outboard engines designed to the international standards.
This TIGATI SEA LINE - 5000 boat is being assembled with amble accessories necessary for optimizing the features that are requested by next generation sailors. The boat itself has a BIMINI top of 1.1m length and that top itself is designed with aerodynamic engineering design to make the optimum energy efficiency.
  • Hidden storage
  • Mechanical steering
  • Retractable ladder
  • Premium leather seats
  • Automatic BILGE Pump
  • BIMINI Top
  • Outboard Engine
  • Fiberglass Hull
  • Carbon fiber dashboard
  • 12V additional battery
  • Anti-static fuel tank

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