• YearYear: 2020
  • MileageMileage: 0
  • Power/FuelPower/Fuel: Petrol
  • EngineEngine: Out board
  • HorsepowerHorsepower: MAX 115hp
  • SteeringSteering: Rudder Control
  • SpeedSpeed: MAX 40knot / 75kmph
  • DrivetrainDrivetrain: FWD & REVERSE
  • Seating CapacitySeating Capacity: 5
  • ColorColor: White/Blue/Red/Mixed
  • ConditionCondition: Brand New
  • Stock StatusStock Status: In stock
  • Price TypePrice Type: Fixed
  • WarrantyWarranty: Yes

TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 is one of the extreme design successfully introduced by TIGATI to serve the sailors with safe and fortune sailing experience. The RIB boat means a traditional designed boat covered by a RIB like external covering to safeguard the boat from damages occurred by unforeseen collusions. This TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 is designed with high quality processed fiberglass material for the hull and the RIB cover is designed with orca hypalon PVC material and that is the strongest and durable PVC material which is efficient in terms of pricing also. 

The external RIB tube is an inflatable air chamber which can be continued to withstand a patch free durability along its lifespan and even if deliberately punctured it can be patched with provided punch kit also. The RIB tube is made up of chambers so that even if one of the chamber got punctured others will continue to interlock air in it so that the sailor or the passengers don’t have to worry about an air leakage in chamber when you are in the middle of the sea.

The another innovative feature of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 is the drown free design as it is surrounded by inflatable air chamber and the hydro dynamical design of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 enables the most efficient sailing experience. Moreover even if the boat is made upside down it will continue to float with the aid of the air chamber. Also this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580’s architecture is designed to support and sail with the maximum of 115hp engine that is why this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 is mostly preferred as a rescue boat and as well as it can be used for the water sports activities, where it will assist you to get pride by winning the championship.

Our TIGATI engineers well designed this drown free TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 boat with premium quality materials are imported around the world and most of the products of TIGATI are made finalized only after numerous number of survival test and that is why our boats are being loved by consumers beyond generations. And our products have more durability than usual, as per feedback analysis our TIGATI products continued to serve even more than a decade. Eventually TIGATI provides a 3 year warranty period for this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 premium model and our products can be purchased at TIGATI’s official website or from direct and dealer’s selling terminal around the globe, moreover same terminals will provide the post contract services like warranty claims and everything as necessary.

This TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 boat has the spacious environment inside and it has the following dimensions that is 5.8m in length and 2.36m in width which will give you a king size living area inside and as well as this boat is capable enough to sail with 8 number of people at a time and the net dead load of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 is just 400kg and the rigid hull part of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 is made to an extreme military standard. This boat itself is EU certified and designed and manufactured to satisfy the quality control and quality assurance certification standards imposed by the relevant professional bodies. 

Not only for sporting purposes but also this boat shall be used for family recreational needs and fishing needs. And this boat is also designed to be sailed with the aid of Oars and 2 number of Oars are provided with this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 boat itself. And for the purpose of filling air a foot pump is also provided which shall be very useful for deflecting and inflating the air chamber and added stylish front and back cabin is also installed as a standard feature in this boat. Moreover a centralized control system is also provided to sail from one seat itself for a easy and comfortable sailing mode and also standing seats are provided in addition for a comfortable ride. And a well optimized fiberglass roll bar is provided in the rear panel to increase the standing stability on this boat and luxury cushion is also provided for a comfortable seating experience. Meanwhile a hidden storage compartment is also provided beneath the seat for transporting your valuable in a safer mean. Moreover a centralized power switch is also provided to control the power at one click.

The special another built in feature of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 boat is the 90l capacity fuel tank which will be an added advantage to the sailors who just want to sail spontaneously a far distance from the coast to explore the mystery of this wonderful aqua environment. In addition a corrosion free stainless steel Ski Bar is also provided in along with the added standard accessories of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 boat. Further a BIGLE Pump is also provided in this boat which is mounted inside the hull area and it will help to evacuate the water collected inside the vessel. And the fiberglass roll bar is attached with three powerful LED lights for an electrically economical lighting solution. 

Also an anchor tray is provided in the rear part of the boat for the easy transportation of the anchor without damaging the RIB airbags. Optionally dining table, sunshade, T-top canopy, Teak floor finish, hydraulic steering system, sundeck, C shape stainless steel ladder and fiberglass tube end steps also can be mounted to this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 boat on demand to serve you more with the added luxury sailing experience. Moreover mp3 music player, boat cover  and a trailer to transport this boat shall also be purchased from TIGATI’s point of sale and websites.

As far as the question arises about the longevity of the RIB material we can assure that it will continue to serve more than the expectation and the Hypolon Orca material used for manufacturing this air chamber is designed with additional 6 to 8 layers without any contraction or expansion in each and that itself make this tube a wear proof material than the PVC material.

Moreover additional details of this esteemed top selling brand of TIGATI shall be obtained from this products specification details attached hear with. And for additional queries and customization you can contact TIGATI’s authorized dealers near you around the world or the contact us form available in this website itself.

This TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 boat is designed with an amble angle of deadrise and a fish type design of streamline structure in the hull part which is always submerged inside the aquatic medium and that itself provide an extreme efficiency in terms of energy than any of the similar RIB boats in the market even with the added maximum of 115hp outboard engine.
This TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 boat is actually a best companion for aqua sport activities but not only it narrow its circle of service with sporting but also this special edition of TIGATI is capable to provide a luxury sailing experience for a maximum of 8 member team and that is why it best suits to fulfill the family and recreational sailing needs in addition this boat itself is also optimized for fishing.
This boat is 5.8m that is nearly 6m in length and a width of 2.36m which actually more than enough to provide a domestic similar spacious environment inside this vessel itself, though this vessel is king size in length as far as the recommended maximum hp outboard motor is connected you may not feel any drop in velocity or even an imbalance due to moment of inertia as designed is optimized.
This TIGATI MAGNI RIB 580 boat is well designed to a comfortable sailing experience and it is being preferred by the next generation sailors as it has the next gen features. The whole boat can be controlled by a centralized control system which is located near the driver seat and also the boat is optimized to sail with the aid of Oars.
This special edition of RIB boat from TIGATI is saturated with the optimum safety features than any of the similar RIB boats from the market. This added multi chamber type RIB tube is optimized to interlock air even if got punctured deliberately in a chamber. Also a BILGE pump is provided for pumping out water collected inside the boat to reduce or eliminate the imbalance probabilities.
  • Hidden storage
  • Anti Drown Feature
  • Outboard Motor
  • Repair KIT
  • Standing Seat
  • Front And Rear Cabins
  • Hypalon Orca Material
  • 90L Fuel Tank
  • Provided Foot Pump
  • 3 Nr Of LED Lights
  • Provided BIGLE Pump
  • Pair Of Oars
  • Fiberglass Hull

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