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Magni RIB 390

Magni RIB 390



  • Inflatable Hypolon RIB 
  • 24l Fuel Tank
  • Anti Drown Nature
  • Dual Layer Fiberglass Hull
  • Centralized Fiberglass Console
  • Hidden Storage
  • Fiberglass Wind Shield
  • Comfortable Cushion Seats
  • Provided Foot Pump
  • Repair KIT
  • Provided Pair Of Aluminium Paddles
  • Warranty : YES
  • Color Customization : YES


  • RIB Material: Hypolon Orca
  • Hull Material: Fiber Glass
  • External Length 3.9m
  • External Width 1.83m
  • Internal Length 3.18m
  • External Width 1.1m
  • RIB Chambers 3 Nr
  •  RIB Diameter 42cm
  • Passenger Capacity : 6
  • Recommended Engine Power : 30-50hp
  • Loading Capacity 950kg
  • Net Weight 100kg
  • CE Certified
  • Outboard Motor


  • Boat Cover
  • Teak Floor Finishing
  • Trailer
  • Fiberglass End Step On Tube
  • Hydraulic Steering
  • Sun Roof
  • Steering Wheel With Cable
  • Hydraulic Steering System
  • Stainless Steel Ladder
  • Electric Pump
  • Stainless Steel Anchor
  • Stainless Steel Arch
  • Navigation Lights
  • Battery Box
  • Life Jacket
  • Helmet
  • Plywood Metal Fabricated Crate
  • Outboard Engine

MAGNI RIB 390 is one of the latest product from TIGATI to serve the next generation sailors needs. The boat itself is an optimized fiberglass hull boat which is covered by an inflatable PVC tube (RIB Cover) which provides a safe ever sailing solution than any of the leading similar vessels in the market.

One of the special feature of this boat is the double layer fiberglass material used for the purpose of manufacturing the hull part. Usually fiberglass is the raw material for building up cost effective strong lasting lightweight aqua marine vessels, and here imported and preprocessed fiberglass material is used in two different layers as that they can even sustain unforeseen crashes also with no or minor damages. 

in addition the boat’s RIB cover is made up of hypalon material which is the most strongest and long lasting plastic sheet used for the purpose of manufacturing inflatable products, specially for aqua marine usage. 

The another feature of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 is, most of the interior parts of the boat is made up of high quality fiberglass material with extreme finishing to provide a royal customized look and long lasting lifespan. Especially the centralized console panel with wind shield and the seats are being made with the fiberglass material. Also the rear seat is facilitated with a premium quality cushion backrest for a prolonged sail with a perfect comfortable sailing experience. In addition the cushion covered front seat located in the front end has a hidden storage feature also, and a stainless steel hand rail is also mounted in this boat and specially the stainless steel material is a corrosion free material which is mandatory for aqua marine needs as other materials may get corroded easily. Also a fiberglass anchor holder is attached on the front end of the boat to safely hold the anchors without damaging the RIB cover. 

This TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 is compatible with 30-50hp outboard engine but when comparing the performance of a similar horsepower sailing vessel from the market definitely our TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 will be in lead in terms of efficiency. The boat itself is made up of lightweight ultra strong materials and as well as the design is also optimized with streamlined shape similar to a fish. So that it can utilize the optimum of kinetic energy generated by the engine without wasting much by fighting with the friction with aquatic surface. Not only the boat is developed for the engine sail but also we can use the manual human power to sail in along with the provided pair of stainless steel paddles.

Although the hypalon material used for the purpose of manufacturing the RIB cover tube is naturally patch free in nature under ideal condition, incase if it got punctured deliberately or by unforeseen incidents you don’t have to worry you can simply use the repair kit provided to patch it and even if it get punctured in the middle of the sea the vessel will not get sunk immediately as the RIB cover is chambered the whole tube line will not lose the packed air inside immediately and only the affected chamber may lose the air and also you can utilize the provided foot pump to aerate the chamber again in case of necessity. 


The special another feature of this product from TIGATI is the possibility of customizing your own desired color for the tube to satisfy your unique aesthetic mind. Optionally a steering wheel with cable or a hydraulic steering system is also provided in this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 vessel to make your sail easy from a single point of driving in addition a sun roof is also can be mounted on this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 to make your sailing experience safer from the effects of external whether condition. Also a fiberglass step end can be installed at the rear end of RIB cover which can help you to easily get into the boat and also it helps to prevent any damage to the outboard motor connected behind by acting like a bumper.  In addition a stainless steel ladder and a stainless steel arch with navigation lights are also provided in this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat.

Moreover another special feature is the 24l fuel tank provided to assist your need of exploration far beyond the shore. In addition a battery box is also provided to safeguard the power backup battery for your electrical needs during the time of sailing. 

The main another feature of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat is the flooring materials used inside. From the vintage time itself the sailors first choice of sailing vessel manufacturing was the teak timber which is highly durable to the aquatic environment without damages. And here in this premium TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat, a teak floor finishing is provided with a magnificent royal and luxury look. 

Though technically this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat is 3.9m in length and 1.83m in width, the actual internal length and the width are 3.18m and 1.1m respectively which is ample enough for serving the live space to the maximum of 6 passengers. The maximum loading capacity of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat is tremendously more when compared to a similar boat of same dimension i.e. nearly 1ton of weight (950kg) can safely be loaded inside this vessel.

Moreover this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat is being manufactured by the well experienced engineers from TIGATI by considering all the safety and quality norms. The boat itself is compatible with the international request of quality standards. Since the most tough EU standard specification milestone is achieved for this boat it can easily pass any other international and local quality standard needs imposed by the professional bodies of implementation. 

If you are interested in owning one of this pride signature product of sailing from TIGATI or if you are interested in getting more details of this product you can simply visit our showroom or any dealer’s sales terminals located in multiple parts of the globe or by visiting the official website where you are currently landed in.

This TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat is designed with streamlined aqua dynamic engineering feature to make sure the optimum level of kinetic energy generated by the engine or manual peddling is utilized without wasting it in opposing apparent water current in opposite direction. The shape is derived from the natural cross sectional shape of fish which is naturally self optimized by biological evolution. So that this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat can beat any similar boats of same dimension and engine power in any championships.
The premium edition of TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 aqua marine vessel is a fully safety enhanced vessel in the market to serve the sailing needs of next generation sailors. When comparing with the similar products in the market this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 is greater not only in terms of features but also quality and safety standards are highly obeyed than any similar products. The hypalon orca material used for the manufacturing of the tube of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 is naturally more durable with less possibility of getting punctured. In Addition the hull of this TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat is made with an innovative engineering idea of dual layer fiberglass bodybuilding where that made this boat is more feasible without cracks even after minor collisions.
This TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat has an ample living area for the passengers inside. The boats itself has a 3.18m and 1.1m internal length and breadth respectively, so that a maximum number of 6 people can comfortably travel on this boat without any discomfort.
The TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat is one of the prime choice of both the next and current generation sailors as it is well optimized for a single spot easy drive. The hydraulic steering mounted centralized control panel shall be used to control the whole sailing operation from the driver seat itself which has made the sail easier than ever.
This TIGATI MAGNI RIB 390 boat has a special feature which is highly being appreciated by consumers i.e. the boat has a stylish elegant teak floor finishing which eventually provides a perfect royal look to the interior of the boat. Not only teak floor finishing adds aesthetic value to the boat but also that material itself is self resistant to damages from prolonged exposure to wet environment.


  • Hydraulic Steering
  • 24l Fuel Tank
  • Hypalon Orca Material
  • Anti Drown Nature
  • Outboard Motor
  • Dual Layer Fiberglass Hull
  • Repair KIT
  • Front And Rear Cabins
  • Hidden Storage
  • Provided Foot Pump
  • Pair Of Aluminium Paddles
  • Electric Pump
  • Sun Roof
  • Teak Floor
  • Fiberglass Console
  • Stainless Steel hand Rails
  • Stainless Steel Ladder
  • Stainless Steel Anchor
  • Fiberglass Cushion Seats
  • Stainless Steel Arch
  • Navigation Lights
  • Fiberglass End Step
  • Battery Box


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